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Tailored “loose” covers for chairs and sofas

Custom cushion covers

Custom indoor cushions

Custom outdoor cushions

Urban Sprawl make all sorts of REPLACEMENT CUSHIONS

Far too many good sofas and chairs go to landfill because they have become desperately shabby and uncomfortable, just because the cushions wear out - usually long before the frames do.

Urban Sprawl will make fresh new cushion covers, perfectly shaped to fit on still serviceable old “inners”,  or make complete replacement cushions with choice of new “inners”. You can choose between good quality foam - springy, not rock hard! - wrapped in a double layer of polyester wadding, or hollow fill fibre which looks round and puffy, like feather. The choice is yours ( but fibre does need plumping! )

Alternatively, choose one of the luxury or specialist fillings from comfort experts Truly Comfy Cushions , and we’ll just make the cover.

You can send a cover for us to copy, especially if it isn’t a straight forward rectangular shape, please print print out this form to send with it.

The thumbnail in the top RH corner enlarges to show you how this poor old sofa turned out with its new cushions!  MORE